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Negotiated Terms of Service Agreements

Illustrated stock image of a signed agreement documentBefore you decide to use one of the free digital tools below, seek the advice of your agency Terms of Service (TOS) Point of Contact (POC) to be sure your agency has already signed a federal-compatible TOS, that the product supports your broader agency mission and goals, and that the TOS is legally appropriate for use by your agency. See complete implementation guidance on the main Terms of Service page.

Here’s the list of tools that have federal-compatible Terms of Service agreements. Keep in mind that even though a tool may be on the list, your agency may not have agreed to the TOS for that tool. The federal government doesn’t endorse, sponsor or recommend the products or services on this site or consider them to be superior to any other products or services.

Name of Product Type of Tool Amended Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement
Amazon Appstore Mobile app store Amazon Appstore TOS
AddThis Bookmarking & sharing AddThis TOS
Asana Collaborative software; mobile- and web-based project management Asana TOS
Bing Search Bing TOS
Bitly Bookmark, organize & share Bitly enterprise services agreement
BlackBerry App World Mobile app store BlackBerry SDK License AgreementBlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement, BlackBerry App World TOS Video sharing TOS
CartoDB Maps for the web – made easy CartoDB TOS (online) Government challenge platform TOS
ChatWING Website/app chat client ChatWING TOS (online)
ClassMarker Online testing & training platform ClassMarker TOS (online)
Cyfe All-in-one dashboard Cyfe TOS  (online)
Dialogue App Crowdsourcing & ideation Dialogue App TOS
Dipity Multimedia timelines Dipity TOS
Eventbrite Event Management Eventbrite TOS (online)
Facebook Social networking Facebook TOS (online)
Flickr Photo sharing Flickr TOS
Flipboard Magazine format social network aggregation Flipboard TOS (online)
Foursquare Location-based software Foursquare TOS
GitHub Collaborative software development GitHub TOS (online)
Google Analytics Website analytics tool Google Analytics TOS
Google Blogger Blogging Google Blogger TOS
Google Feedburner RSS feed Feedburner TOS
Google Moderator Social commenting & discussion Google Moderator TOS
Google+ Multilingual social network Google+ TOS
Google Visualization Display of multimedia, data, maps Google Visualization TOS 
GovLoop Knowledge network GovLoop TOS (online)
Hackpad Wiki and real-time collaborative documents Hackpad TOS (online)
HootSuite – Free and Pro only Social media dashboard HootSuite TOS
Hulu Video streaming Hulu TOS
Hypothesis Web peer review layer Hypothesis TOS (online)
IdeaScale Voting & feedback IdeaScale TOS (online)
IFTTT Use/create channel “recipes” for powerful data integrations IFTTT TOS (online)
Instagram Photo & video sharing service Instagram TOS (online)
IntenseDebate Social commenting IntenseDebate TOS
Let’s Encrypt HTTPS Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt TOS
LinkedIn Professional networking LinkedIn TOS
MapBox Maps MapBox TOS (online)
Measured Voice Social media productivity tool Measured Voice TOS (online)
Medium Blog-publishing platform Medium TOS (online)
MeetUp Everywhere Social networking platform MeetUp Everywhere TOS
Mendeley Social networking platform Mendeley TOS
MixedInk Collaborative writing MixedInk TOS
My.ComMetrics Tracking & benchmarking of blogs My.ComMetrics TOS (online)
MySpace Social networking MySpace TOS
Need to Meet Scheduling app Need to Meet’s standard Terms of Service are acceptable
News Genius Wiki & real-time collaborative documents News Genius TOS
OpenCalais Automated metadata OpenCalais TOS
Piktochart Create easy-to-use inforgraphics Piktochart TOS (3/11/2015)
Pinterest Online pinboard Pinterest TOS
Plotly Graph and share data Plotly TOS (online)
POP Prototyping on paper POP TOS
Quora Question and answer community website Quora TOS
Qzzr Create, embed, and share quizzes Qzzr TOS (online)
Screendoor Online forms Screendoor TOS
Scribd Social publishing Scribd TOS
Slack Searchable team communication platform Slack TOS (online)
Slideshare Presentation sharing Slideshare TOS
Snapchat Messaging App Snapchat TOS (online)
Sniply Content sharing Sniply TOS (online)
SocialOomph Social media productivity tool SocialOomph TOS
SocialTwist/TAF4Free Bookmarking & sharing tool SocialTwist/TAF4FreeTOS
Socrata Data hosting Socrata TOS
SourceForge Open source software development & sharing SourceForge TOS
StackExchange Question and answer communities StackExchange TOS
STCI/VenCorps Challenges, contests & prizes tool STCI/VenCorps TOS
Storify Social media curation & publishing platform Storify TOS
StumbleUpon Content discovery StumbleUpon TOS
Survey Analytics Survey software Survey Analytics TOS
SurveyMonkey Survey software SurveyMonkey TOS
Thunderclap Crowd-speaking platform Thunderclap TOS
Tint Connect and display social media feeds Tint TOS (online)
Trello Collaborate & organize your projects into boards Trello amended TOS
TubeMogul Video analytics & distribution TubeMogul TOS
Tumblr Blogging Tumblr supplemental TOS
Twitter Social networking service Twitter’s standard Terms of Service are acceptable
Vine Video sharing service Vine TOS
Wikispaces Collaboration Wikispaces TOS
WordPress Blogging WordPress TOS
Yammer Inc. Microblogging Yammer, Inc. TOS
Yelp Crowd-sourced local reviews and social networking Yelp TOS
YouTube Video sharing YouTube TOS
ZeeMaps Map ZeeMaps TOS

No longer in use

Name of Product Type of Tool Amended Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement
4Q Satisfaction measurement tool 4Q Survey TOS
CoolIris Video & picture browsing The company terminated the agreement on 01/01/15 with notice
CrowdHall Host online interactive town halls CrowdHall TOS (online)
Disqus Universal commenting & social discussion Disqus terminated the agreement via an email on May 12, 2015
Google Webmaster Tools Analytics and search engine optimization Google Webmaster Tools TOS – Google Webmaster Tools has decided not to sign up any new agencies but will honor existing agreements. Updated 10/18/13
Mandrill Transactional email Mandrill TOS (online). Mandrill is now an add-on for paid monthly MailChimp accounts. Updated 03/16/16 Video broadcasting platform Ustream no longer has a free service. Contact Ustream to discuss amendments for their Pro and Enterprise plans
UserVoice Voting, customer & constituent feedback UserVoice TOS (online) User Voice no longer offers a “free” civic engagement option