We live in a time when more pre-schoolers can use a smartphone app than can tie their shoes. How does government prepare to meet the information needs of these budding citizens? DigitalGov means providing information and services to the public anywhere and anytime.

This site is a platform to help those in agencies working on providing digital services and information for the public. We’ll scour the innerwebs for digital info so you don’t have to. Expect posts on what government is doing in digital, general digital news, trends and issues on implementing digital for the public.

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This platform is brought to you by the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies in the U.S. General Services Administration. Our job here is to help agencies build a 21st century digital government. We do that by

  • Finding and sharing resources and capabilities throughout government
  • Helping agencies understand and resolve policy issues
  • Offering services and tools to help agencies meet their digital government goals
  • Championing DigitalGov solutions from loosening data to developing mobile development guidelines to app and website development to best practices and policy
  • Promoting agency DigitalGov efforts
  • Building relationships with the private and non-profit sectors as well as state and local government

Digital Services Innovation Center

The Digital Services Innovation Center is a cooperative enterprise that draws on resources from across government to leverage the expertise of forward-leaning agencies. To that end, we’re gathering a cadre of innovators to help build a digital government that meets the expectations of the public while delivering info and services safely and securely The Digital Services Innovation Center is a key component supporting the goals of the Digital Government Strategy and is sponsored by GSA.

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  • DigitalGov University (D G U) logo Training Trends in 2014 - In recent years, DigitalGov University (DGU) has evolved from a prescriptive training program to a more agile program looking to federal government leaders like you to share the innovations, tools, resources, hurdles and case studies of how you work to meet the digital expectations of the 21st century citizen customer better. Whew. That’s a mouthful. [...]
  • Digital Services Summit 2015 Proposal Process Last Chance: Submit Your Summit Idea - You might remember in the post Crowdsourced Digital Citizen Services Summit we said “Go to Citizen Services Summit 2015. Go there now!” Well if you haven’t yet, there is still time to go there and propose a session, idea, or speaker. Anyone can propose a session. We’re accepting proposals through the end of January. And, [...]
  • Business Concept "compass" graphic with the arrow pointing towards Customer Walking in Our Customers’ Shoes - The General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) focus on customer experience can be traced back to its inception on July 1, 1949, when President Truman created a new federal agency to manage and store government records, handle emergency preparedness, and stockpile strategic supplies for wartime. While our customer focus has stayed with us, GSA’s mission has morphed [...]
  • Silver plate with chart 15 Government Customer Service Trends for 2015 - With public expectations at an all-time high, and trust in government nearing all-time lows, agencies need to step up their game. Veterans, seniors, students, taxpayers—all Americans—deserve the best service from their government. Here are our predictions for how the federal government will improve customer service in the coming year: 1. Many agencies will create a [...]
  • Real-time Dashboard at GSA From Elephant to ELK: How We Migrated Our Analytics System to Elasticsearch - As I mentioned in a recent blog post about image search, we’re avid users of Elasticsearch for search. We also recently ported another vital part of our system to Elasticsearch: analytics. This post is a technical deep dive into how our analytics system works, and specifically how and why we used Elasticsearch to build it. Background DigitalGov Search is [...]

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