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DigitalGov University (DGU) is the events platform for DigitalGov. DGU provides programming to build and accelerate digital capacity by providing webinars and in-person events highlighting innovations, case studies, tools and resources.

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  • Intro to Sites for Content Writers

    Sites dot U-S-A dot gov

    WEBINAR In this session, we will cover some of the basics of creating new content for the web. Topics covered will include creating new posts and pages, visual and text editing, using the toolbar, how to hyperlink, basic formatting, adding...

    July 29 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Open and Structured Content Models Working Group Call

    Open Content Model mural

    WEBINAR Join us during our monthly cross-agency working group call to develop shared and open content models for digital content across the federal government....

    July 29 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • DigitalGov Search Basics Workshop (Beginner)

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    WEBINAR In this webinar, we’ll provide a basic overview of DigitalGov Search’s essential features and tour its Admin Center....

    July 30 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Module 2: It’s All About the Teams – The Importance of Operational Incentives in Prizes

    Stars seal from the main logo

    WEBINAR This module will cover why teams compete and what incentives need to be included that encourage teams to compete. Teams do not compete for the prize purse alone. As such, it is important to spend financial resources on operational...

    August 4 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Accessibility as it Relates to Mobile, Social Media, and Google

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    IN-PERSON & WEBINAR Interact with a panel of experts that will be discussing how Social Media has affected the way we share information and how persons with disabilities can use this medium to interact with the world around them. Pa...

    August 18 @ 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Building Data-Driven Digital Engagement Customer Service Programs


    IN-PERSON The Federal SocialGov Community invites you to participate in a hands-on workshop on digital engagement customer service that will teach best practices, facilitate development of customized models to build and evaluate your own pr...

    August 18 @ 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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Event Recaps

  • The word Innovation on a chalkboard, with a stop watch for the letter o. DigitalGov Summit Recap: How “We, the Techies” Can Effect Change - Who do you need to bring to the table to make a better world? In May, Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, delivered the keynote address at the 2015 DigitalGov Citizen Services Summit. She encouraged attendees to find ways of unlocking potential through collaborations from both within and outside of government. “We […]
  • Washington Nationals 2011 to present logo How the Nationals’ Customer Experience Principles Can Be a Home Run for Agencies - In June, the new Customer Experience Community of Practice (CX-COP) hosted Jonathan Stahl, Executive Director of Ballpark Operations and Guest Experience of the Washington Nationals, to share best practices on how to deliver a great customer experience. Below are four insights he shared. Develop and Share Core Values The Nationals’ core organizational values are excellence, […]
  • The beginning of a secure https URL shown in an web browser's address bar; the s on https and padlock are red. An Introduction to HTTPS, by 18F and DigitalGov University - 18F uses HTTPS for everything we make, and the U.S. government is in the process of transitioning to HTTPS everywhere. As part of this effort, we’ve recently partnered with DigitalGov University to produce a two-video series introducing the why’s and how’s of HTTPS. In an Introduction to HTTPS for beginners, we cover what happens when […]
  • Still from animated gif Sharing the Essentials of Animated Gifs for Public Services - Animated gifs are increasingly found throughout the digital experience of today’s users. They offer a dynamic presentation of information in a format that can be both more performance-effective and cost-effective than standard video or images, making them valuable for federal teams looking to bring their programs to the modern digital space and improve customer satisfaction. […]
  • DigitalGov University (D G U) logo Data, Code, and API Event Round Up - DigitalGov University has hosted some great events over the last year in partnership with, the MobileGov Community and 18F to bring you information on opening data and building APIs. This month we’ve rounded up the events over the past year so that you can see what’s been offered. Use the comments below to offer […]