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Architect Of The Capitol

Have a H(app)y Fourth of July from MobileGov

Washington. You can say a lot of things about this town, but one thing is clear: Fourth of July is our holiday. No one rocks Independence Day quite like we do, thanks to the hardworking people at the National Park Service who manage our National Mall and help stage a blockbuster fireworks celebration there that rivals any around the globe. Coming to “America’s front yard” for the festivities? The NPS National Mall app is a must-download.

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Architect of the Capitol’s Guide to National Statuary Hall Collection

The Architect of the Capitol’s new app gives users the ability to view the collection of statues donated by the 50 states in its Guide to the National Statuary Hall Collection of State Statues, available on iOS. Visiting the capitol? The app gives you the location of your state’s statues so you can make sure you have your photo taken with your state’s favorite son or daughter. Want to find out more about the 100 Americans who are included in the collection?

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