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Digital Governance Policy Outline

Version 1.1Last updated: May 31, 2017 by Jeremy Zilar

This document is a collaboration between federal agencies around what should types of information should be in our digital governance policies. It was originally published on DigitalGov.gov back in 2014 and has since been revived as a starting point for this collaboration. Members of the Digital Council are leading this effort. View the outline »

How to contribute:

Start by using this document to map out a governance plan for your agency. Let us know what needs to be changed.

  1. Start a discussion on the Digital Council listserv about what you would like to see changed.
  2. Edit the page on Github or leave a comment in an Issue: https://github.com/GSA/digital-governance-outline/

You can download version 1.1 of the Digital Governance Policy Outline as a PDF »