Open Opportunities in DigitalGov

Building a 21st century workforce. One task at a time.

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Every agency at every level of government has a role in creating digital government. There are great opportunities to solve the problems in your agencies and to engage your high-performing staff with cutting-edge projects across agency bounds.

Through our Open Opportunities in DigitalGov network, we’re building a cooperative enterprise that draws on resources from across government to leverage the expertise of forward-leaning agencies. We’re looking at innovative staffing arrangements, multi-agency teams, and ways to tap specialized expertise and skills for quick turnaround tasks.


Calling all government entrepreneurs! Calling on every agency to partner up.
You’re jazzed about making government responsive to the public, to unleashing information, focusing on customers and sharing services to transform government.You want to LEARN and add your talents to an inter-governmental effort to provide anytime, anywhere any device info and services to the public. You want the experience of working with innovators across agencies. Well, come on down! (Don’t forget to clear any participation with your manager first.) Doing “more with less” is expected. But how do you meet stakeholder expectations, deliver on a 21st century government and keep your best and brightest staff engaged? Agencies are coming together to work on different pieces of the digital puzzle. Tapping your best and brightest to do interagency work can help you smartly create and adopt new tools and platforms at a lower cost and without reinventing the wheel–gaining more for mission.