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User Experience Community of Practice

Join other federal user experience practitioners and learn how to make better user-centered products.


Send an email from your official government email to ux-cop-request@listserv.gsa.gov, with “Join UX Community” in the subject line.

Community Managers:

Jean Fox (BLS) and Silvia Salazar (NIH)


Members of the User Experience Community of Practice can:

  • Ask questions and learn how other agencies are creating great user experiences!
  • Find out how to conduct valuable user research with little (or no) budget!
  • Meet other government usability practitioners!
  • Share your own successes and tips!

Who we are

Our members include more than 1,100 federal, state, and local U.S. government employees and contractors with a valid .gov or .mil email address. We welcome program managers, subject matter experts, designers, developers, writers and others interested in creating efficient, effective and useful technologies.

What we do

  • Create case studies of why UX works!
  • Training for government Web managers, usability specialists, project managers, etc…
  • User Experience (UX) networking events
  • Connect people to useful UX resources

Key Resources