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Marietta Jelks

Marietta Jelks is the program manager of the Consumer Action Handbook and the Spanish version Guia del Consumidor in the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC). Besides managing this yearly guide on consumer issues and advice, she is also the consumer and money content manager for USA.gov and appears in the USA.gov web-series “Ask Marietta” where she answers questions from the public on consumer issues, scams, and frauds. ​

Consumer Action Handbook – Usability Case Study

The annual Consumer Action Handbook, from GSA, is a guide to making smarter decisions with your money. In both its print and online formats, it includes a compilation of buying tips from across government agencies, updates on the latest scams, and a robust consumer contact directory. But the most popular part of the book is the sample consumer complaint letter. The letter template is printed in every edition of the Handbook.

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