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Kelley Holden

Kelley Holden has been working on the Digital Analytics Team over at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since March 2014. She and her team are passionate about web analysis and data, and want to share their knowledge with others who are looking for a simple and easy tool for their analytics needs. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, feel free to contact them at _DL_CFPBDigitalanalytics@cfpb.gov.

Seeing States the Right Way: How to Weigh Data by Population

One large issue my team has run into when analyzing and reporting data across different states is knowing whether sessions within an area are higher due to more interest, or a larger population. Time after time, we see the states with the largest populations show up with the largest amount of traffic, like the graph below. However, creating a useful equation of users vs. population in a given area will likely give more insight into which states are most engaged, instead of which ones have the most people.

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