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Preliminary Results from USAGov’s Voter Registration Partnership with Facebook

The first phase of our partnership with Facebook included Facebook “megaphones” being rolled out in a handful of states with rapidly approaching voter registration deadlines. Facebook’s megaphone is a featured box that is displayed at the top of all user’s News Feeds. (You may recall seeing these after certain disasters giving users the option to quickly donate to Red Cross or other organizations).

A voter registration reminder message for South Carolina users of Facebook.

We piloted the voter registration megaphone in South Carolina on January 15.

  • The megaphone was up for 24 hours.
  • It generated about 25K visitors.
  • About 75 percent of those people either downloaded a registration form to fill out or went directly to their state’s website to register.

On January 25, the megaphone rolled out in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee. We’re still working on collecting all the data from this roll out, but here’s some preliminary information.

  • Vote.USA.gov climbed to the #2 spot on the analytics.usa.gov dashboard of most viewed government websites.
  • Facebook sent about 250K people to the site.
  • About 120K people either downloaded a registration form or went directly to their state’s website to register.
Screen capture of the Vote dot USA dot gov voter registration website.

We noticed that the conversion rate was lower in the second set of states, and we’re still digging into that data to see if we can figure out why.

This partnership is just one part of our year-long campaign, known as #VoteUSA, to help Americans actively take part in our democracy through voting. We’ll be sharing more from the campaign through out the year. If you’re working on anything related to voter education and empowerment for the upcoming elections, you can always feel free to drop us a line.

A puzzle piece from an American flag puzzle is the one piece out of place and reads, Your vote is important.

This article originally published on the USAgov blog, by Jessica Milcetich, a member of the USAGov Marketing and Outreach Team.

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