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DigitalGov’s Inaugural Podcast: How IVR Supports Contact Centers

​DigitalGov University has added podcasts to our suite of offerings on DigitalGov, featuring interviews and discussions with leaders in the DigitalGov community.

For the first edition, we talked to Diane ​Devera, “Voice of the IVR” for the USA.gov Contact Center. In this 10 minute discussion with Jacob Parcell, Manager of Mobile Programs, Devera discusses several considerations about interactive voice response (IVR) for federal contact centers, including:

  • Why are IVRs important for government contact centers?
  • What are current trends for IVRs?
  • What does the 1-844-USA-GOV1 team have in store for the future of its IVR?


To listen to the podcast offline, download the mp3 file.

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