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Trends on Tuesday: The Hottest DigitalGov Mobile Articles in 2014

QR codes, apps about whales, bullying and railroad crossings, challenges of responsive Web design and mobilizing charts and tables were the things you were most interested in this year.

We publish mobile trends every Tuesday and feature a government mobile app every Thursday on the mobile channel of DigitalGov. In addition, we do recaps of MobileGov Community of Practice events and other community articles in between. This year we published 281 articles.

You were very interested in hearing about practices from others in the community. You most wanted to

When it came to trends, you were most interested in the

For mobile products, you were very interested in native apps—specifically ones that

ICE expands Reach of App Designed to Locate Child Predators

This data suggests agency efforts are focused on responsive Web design and you are looking at ways you can enhance your agency’s efforts (e.g., how do we mobilize tables and charts?). However, the popularity of the QR code and the changing mobile user habits articles, as well as the popularity of native apps, infers that you’re looking at ways you can leverage mobile device functionalities to bring more innovative customer experiences.

You also wanted to know how we find out about these apps and how you can get them on USA.gov and DigitalGov. Sign up for our webinar in January and we will show you.

What other mobile topics do you want to read about in the DigitalGov Mobile channel in 2015?

mobile Baby New Year and rotary phone Father Time

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