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No More Beta in Congress.gov’s Responsive Website

Congress.gov ushered in the new fiscal year by removing the beta label from its URL two years after it launched. During this period, the Library of Congress not only extensively tested how the site would display on any device, but in a series of releases and enhancements, completely transformed the ability to find legislative information as the successor to THOMAS.

The new Congress.gov responsive design website as seen on an iPad

With Congress.gov you can now find information via:

  • A resources section with an A-Z list of hundreds of links related to Congress
  • An improved Advanced Search capability with 30 new fields available to construct increasingly detailed and intricate searches that you can then save.
  • A Days in Session calendar that links to the Congressional Record
  • The ability to watch House Committee hearings and meetings live

These are only a few of the latest improvements to Congress.gov. The Library of Congress has detailed their extensive work on Congress.gov in their blog. While you check out Congress.gov, take a few minutes and also check out the Library’s other responsive sites: copyright.gov and loc.gov.

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