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CDC App Aids in Prevention of Neonatal Disease

The Centers for Disease Control has added another tool to its suite of mobile applications for healthcare providers and clinicians. The “Prevent Group B Strep” app provides specific, timely guidance to obstetric and neonatal providers to aid in the prevention of perinatal Group B Strep disease.

The app’s simple interface delivers, through a series of yes/no questions, recommendations based on programmed algorithms underlying the current guidelines.

With this app, healthcare providers and clinicians can:

  • Select your portal—obstetric or neonatal—and answer questions about your patient
  • Receive specific patient management guidance based on the scenario you have entered
  • Obtain appropriate antibiotic regimens for obstetric patients requiring intrapartum prophylaxis

CDC developed this app in collaboration with the healthcare community and extensively beta tested it with both subject matter experts, stakeholders and targeted user groups

You can download more helpful government mobile apps from the USA.gov Federal Mobile Apps Directory.

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