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Department of Education goes responsive (again) with FSA’s new Financial Aid Toolkit

Money for college? It’s never too early — or too late, for that matter — to start schooling oneself in the possibilities of federal financial aid.

Following in the footsteps of their StudentAid.gov website, the digital team at Ed.gov’s Federal Student Aid (FSA) closed out 2013 with the launch of FinancialAidToolkit.ed.gov, a “sister” site featuring a flexible, easy-to-access responsive design.

What StudentAid.ed.gov is to students, the new FinancialAidToolkit.ed.gov is to guidance counselors, “college access professionals,” nonprofit mentors, community organizations, volunteers and others. The Toolkit was created to help these advisers navigate the FAFSA process and assist present and prospective students with applying for and accessing information about an expansive offering of federal student aid opportunities and actions — including loan repayment. Connecting to this searchable database of training and outreach tools can now be done easily from mobile and non-mobile devices of various screen sizes and configurations.

Got a student looking to you to guide them through the school financing maze? Get the ABC’s of financial aid and more at FinancialAidToolkit.ed.gov._Read more in this helpful article on responsive design. And don’t forget: You can download the latest government mobile apps 24/7 from the USA.gov Apps Gallery. _

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