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Trends on Tuesday: When Was Your Mobile Phone Not Within Ear Shot?

Here’s the latest news from the people are “crazy about mobile” beat. Do you remember the last time your phone was not within earshot? Well, according to this infographic from Fast Company, 25% of smartphone owners ages 18-44 surveyed said they couldn’t remember the last time their smartphone was not within ear shot.

There are a couple of significant facts from those who CAN remember;

  • Almost half of people surveyed, said it had been an hour or less since they last had their phone nearby.
  • Less than a fifth of those surveyed had not had their phone in earshot in 3 hours or more.

Mobile is prevalent in people’s daily lives, but this information suggests mobile devices are becoming an afterthought. As people become more used to consuming information from mobile devices, agencies need to adopt a mobile first approach in order to connect with them anytime, anywhere.

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