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Coast Guard HSWL App

Are you active or retired Coast Guard — or related to someone who is? If so, you’ll want to spread the word about the United States Coast Guard’s Health, Safety and Work Life (HSWL) app from USCG’s Office of Work-Life Programs.

The app, available for iPhone and Android phones, is a one-stop information portal for many of the support services Coasties and their dependents might need. Among its broad offerings, the app helps users:

• Access health and medical services information and online resources;

• Connect to housing, childcare and legal assistance;

• Find a chaplain nearby;

• Learn all about morale, well-being and recreation (MWR) services, including a rundown of fitness programs;

• Contact an ombudsman; and

• Access the latest Coast Guard blogs and popular Facebook page.

Not in the Coast Guard but wish you were? This app puts an impressive list of the Coast Guard’s action-packed YouTube videos in the palm of your hand:

• Looking for that footage of the U.S. Airways jet that landed in the Hudson River? It’s in there.

• Want to see what 40,000 pounds of seized cocaine look like? Well, that’s in there too.

• Or simply watch the agency’s “Top 10 Rescue Videos” to get your adrenaline pumping. (And be sure to use WIFI when you do for better video streaming.)

You can find other government created apps like this on the USA.gov Apps Gallery.

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