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Mobile Gov User Experience Guidelines and Recommendations: Content

Content refers to the various types of material in different formats, such as text, images and video, that provide information to the user (it also fits into a mobile product’s information architecture).

From the 42 Mobile Gov User Experience guidelines and recommendations released last week, you deemed 7 ‘critical’ around the content element. Specifically, it is critical that mobile gov products;

  • Provide user-centered content
  • Eliminate unnecessary elements
  • Use analytics to identify content priorities (e.g. which content is important for mobile users)
  • Structure content for availability on any device any time, anywhere
  • Turn content into data that can be structured (e.g., XML, RSS, APIs)
  • Make content easy to share
  • Make content 508 accessible

To adapt to small mobile screens, Mobile Gov developers need to focus on featuring the top data users are seeking and eliminate anything that is extraneous. See the Mobile User Experience Toolkit for help getting your content mobile ready.

Be sure you take a look at the other recommendations. They are meant to evolve as this fast moving technology evolves. Let us know what’s missing. Tell us how we can be clearer.

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