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CDC’s Solve the Outbreak App

Advertisement for CDC's Solve the Outbreak App
The Centers for Disease Control has launched a new table app Solve the Outbreak designed to teach users how CDC’s disease detectives save lives everyday.

In this interactive, engaging app, you are a disease detective who gets to decide what to do when an outbreak occurs: Do you quarantine the village? Talk to the people who are sick? Ask for more lab results?

Using gamification, Solve the Outbreak is a great way to study epidemiology by

  • learning about diseases and outbreaks in an engaging way, and
  • seeing how disease detectives save lives around the world.

You can learn more about how CDC designed Solve the Outbreak by attending the DigitalGov University Webinar You’ll Have Them at Swipe: Make An Awesome Mobile User Experience on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

Also, you can find more mobile products like CDC’s Solve the Outbreak in the USA.gov Apps Gallery.

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