Federal CrowdSource Mobile Testing Program

Many smartphones and tablets on a table displaying the same app.Does your mobile application function properly on all devices your users have?

Are you able to test your mobile site on all devices that access it?

Do you have the time and money to maintain a mobile test lab?

We’re guessing not.

Our CrowdSource Mobile Testing program is a FREE service provided for federal agencies by federal employees. We recruit an army of Testers (all federal employees) to evaluate your application on a wide variety of mobile devices and provide you with a results report you can immediately use to enhance your application.

Matt Harmon, FEMA on testing the Help for OKC app: Wanted to thank you guys one more time for helping out… you provided extremely timely and valuable feedback that really helped push the project forward… but that was the intended effect.

Kim Taylor, USDA FSIS on testing FSIS mobile site: I would encourage anybody out there to try this. Everyone provided great feedback. Some of it was dead on, some of it was surprising, most of it was useful. 

Federal Agencies interested in having their new or existing mobile applications tested, please contact us for more information. Don’t have a site ready for testing, but want to get involved? You can sign up to be one of our cadre of volunteer mobile testers.

We’re currently looking for volunteers to help us test the National Cancer Institute’s beta responsive website “Cancer Trends Progress Report“, January 20-26, 2015.