DAP: Digital Analytics Program


A screen capture of the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) analytics.usa.gov website dashboard, showing that 143,619 people were visiting government websites at that moment.

The Digital Analytics Program offers advanced, easy Web analytics to federal agencies. The program is a hosted shared service provided by the Digital Services Innovation Center in GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

You can view the most common questions about the Program. The program consists of five parts:

Benefits and Features

No-cost, hosted website analytics

  • Provides comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics for every section of your online presence.
  • Delivers broad overviews and in-depth insights that apply to programs across your agency.
  • Scalable to handle a broad range of .gov sites (large and small).
  • Allows instantaneous access to a targeted set of critical performance data.
  • Meets agency compliance with OMB reporting on the 10 Minimum Common Baseline Performance Metrics for Milestone 8.2.
  • Hosted service by GSA avoids duplication of agencies purchasing the same tool and going through separate procurements.

​Quick, reliable, and secure infrastructure

  • Maintains SLA-assured high uptime.
  • Delivers instant analytics for up-to-the minute site awareness.
  • GSA’s signed Terms of Service agreement provides legal framework for using the tool.

Data insights across agencies

  • Using a common analytics tool across federal agencies will deliver an unprecedented, government-wide view of how well agencies serve their customers through the Web.
  • Participation from 39 agencies offers data from a variety of types of websites within government. See agency participation at pulse.cio.gov.
  • Making analytic data more accessible will create new possibilities for agencies to collaborate to improve services.

DAP Framework

Chart showing the Government-Wide Digital Services Common Measurement Framework title and three boxes in descending order: Common Performance Measures (Web and Mobile Performance Metrics; Social Media Metrics; Customer Satisfaction Metrics), Common Collection Methodology (Industry-standard method to collect Web analytics data by embedding a java-based tracking code on site pages; API-based data calls to import and export other common measurement data) and Common Web Analytics Tool (Uses standard tagging methodology to collect, parse and report data; Uses a common code version of the collection tag; Allows to perform apples-to-apples comparison across many sites as well as at an aggregate level).

Participating in the Program

Any executive branch federal agency can sign up to use the common Web analytics tool. Here’s how it works:

  • Agency Digital Strategy lead will identify a point-of-contact (POC) who will manage their Web analytics account.
  • GSA will send the agency POC a short, sign-up form to register their agency and work with them to implement the common page tag code.
  • GSA will provide implementation support, access to training, and other resources to agency POCs.
  • If you don’t have an identified POC send us an email.

You can view the most common questions about the program and learn more about incorporating the Digital Analytics Tool into your current metrics program.

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