MobileGov Wikithon, June 17, 2013Be among the first to hear and sign up for Mobile programs and events! Stay on top of how Mobile intersects with government! Share your agency’s experience working on the latest Mobile products!

Join the Group!

To join our Mobile Gov Community of Practice please contact community managerĀ Jacob Parcell.

We Offer

  • Events on trending issues in the Mobile sphere
  • Opportunities to learn how to implement mobile
  • Ability to share experiences with other feds who are also working in this field

Mobile first is here to stay! Get involved or get left behind. The Mobile Gov Community of Practice is where forward thinking agencies tackle public facing mobile technologies together. The community shares information, practices and tools online and through events to keep government on top of this new technology.

Who We Are

The Mobile Gov Community of Practice consists of over 700 members across all federal agencies. Open to government membership only, the community of practice does engage with the private sector.

What Do We Do?