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  1. kered says:

    I downloaded your PowerPoint infographic template after reading your post (baseline social media metrics), which I found very interesting and detailed on the subject.

    The thing with social media and engagement is most businesses give up too easy, while trying to find things that work for them and they do not monitor the engagement correctly.

    The engagement can work one of two ways you either get the traffic direct to your website or people stay on your social media network and either browse or interact leaving comments, etc.

    Many businesses see this as a slight negative impact because they want traffic to their website, but this is positive and if you are getting interaction on established websites such (Pinterest, Facebook, etc) it can give you another possibility of receiving leads.

    The other advantage of monitoring all your engagement is you can split your marketing techniques to be flexible across social media networks and in search engines such as Google. This gives your brand more options to be noticed on the internet.

    I do see this infographic being useful to let users who only interact on one network see how you are performing on multiple networks and this in turn could generate more visitors to your other networks.